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Best Practices: Krone Blocks

This isn’t so much about technology as it is about techniques

Part of the Krone block field at Entercom Los Angeles Wilshire facility.

LOS ANGELES — I think everyone would know what I mean by “best practices,” but we also know that what you consider a best practice, and what I consider a best practice, can be radically different. Even with that in mind, we’re starting a new series here that will be known by that. So this isn’t so much about technology as it is about techniques.

Many tried and true techniques have come and gone just in the time I’ve been involved in this industry. For example, the first console install I did was by way of soldering wires to Christmas trees. (I’m not explaining what those are — either you know or you don’t.) Then I rapidly moved over to phenolic blocks (with screw terminals). From there my boss introduced us to ADC icons, which I thought were great for many years. Yes, I have used 66 blocks, of course. Not my favorite thing to do.

Krone blocks are my current favorite means of landing cables, and they exceed anything else that is out there (that I’m aware of) in terms of their advantages, which include:

  • They have an “inside” and “outside” row (on both the left and right side of the block) upon which are made the connections from trunk cables to individual cables.
  • You can use either stranded or solid wire (I prefer stranded).
  • You can double-punch on either row.
  • There is a physical location to insert what I call a “shoe” so that the circuit connecting to the outer row can be bridged or broken. (This is what put them over ADC icons as far as I’m concerned.)
  • You can use Krones for anything from DC to category 5 (and perhaps beyond).
  • They’re cheap and readily available.
  • Efficient in terms of the space they require.

I loathe point-to-point wiring and so Krone is now my choice for the termination of trunk cables.

Do you have a favorite that is not Krone? Can you explain why they are better than Krone? Comment below and be prepared to defend your position!