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Clarion Claims First All-Digital Car Audio System

FDS system said to deliver digital signal from source to speakers

HOLLAND, Mich.�Aftermarket car audio supplier�Clarion�will go to CES to demonstrate what it calls the first car audio system that delivers a digital signal from a head unit to speakers.

The Full Digital Sound system will also play high-resolution audio.

�This all-digital approach operates on a purely digital audio signal from the source to the speaker voice coils, resulting in pristine sounding audio with zero loss in quality and no added noise from DACs or analog connections,� the company said.

At no point is the audio signal converted from digital to analog or passed through an amplifier, the company added.

A digital Toslink output connects the head to an FDS processor, which in turn sends audio in digital form right up to the speakers� six-layer voice coils. The speakers incorporate the world�s first large-scale integrated (LSI) circuit chip designed to be integrated with speakers, the company added.

The system architecture ensures that high-res audio quality is maintained without loss or noise, and it delivers high output with low power consumption, the company said.

The FDS-compatible head unit, the NX706, also incorporates amplifier to drive traditional speakers.

Price, ship dates and additional details were not revealed.

A video explaining the system is below.