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FCC Promotes Higher Frequency Spectrum for Wireless Technology

New rules affect wireless broadband in frequencies above 24 GHz

WASHINGTON�The FCC has proposed a new set of rules for wireless broadband in wireless frequencies above 24 GHz. These new rules reportedly will set the groundwork for next-generation mobile technologies, including 5G mobile service, to use mobile broadband and spectrum above the 24 GHz threshold.

Building off recent spectrum policy, the NPRM proposes to create new flexible use service rules in the 28, 37, 39 and 64-71 GHz bands. These bands will become available using a variety of authorization schemes, including traditional wide are licensing, unlicensed, and a shared approach for both local and wide area networks.

The NPRM also provides a variety of platforms and uses, including satellite, to coexist and expand through market-based mechanisms. The NPRM seeks extensive comment on the service, licensing, and technical rules for facilitating flexible use in these bands, as well as comments on other bands above 24 GHz that may be considered in the future.

Timing of these new rules is in the hope to establish a framework to proceed in parallel with technological development.