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Fred Jacobs to Present Techsurvey Findings at Conclave 40

Conference will be held July 16-17

MINNEAPOLIS � What do radio audiences do when they are not listening to radio? That is what Fred Jacobs intends to answer during his presentation at the 40th annual Conclave Learning Conference.

Using data from his �Techsurvey11� research, Jacobs will present data on what listeners are doing on social media, with videos, messaging apps and more, while they continue to use traditional radio with all those options.

The Techsurvey data was obtained from 220 radio station across the U.S., generating more than 40,000 participants and features information that is relevant for stations in both big and small markets to optimized their brand and digital strategies.

Jacobs presentation, �What Your Audience is Doing When They�re Not Listening to You,� will take place on Friday, July 17 at 10:45 a.m. Conclave 40 will run from July 16-17 in Minneapolis.