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Products From the Floor

Products From the Floor

Sep 1, 2009 12:51 PM

Vericorder Technology Poddio
Recording software
Poddio software transforms a smart phone into a full-featured sound editing suite. The first version was released on Iphone in February 2009. That version allowed users to record and edit news stories or music, and upload the finished audio file to a computer. The new version allows reporters to also send their completed stories wirelessly, either by FTP or by e-mail.

Myat IBOC Lo-loss
Coupled combiner
Myat’s patent-pending technology combines FM and digital signals in a way that others said couldn’t be done. It uses filters to combine digital and analog transmitters efficiently to create an IBOC signal for transmission. This method is significantly more efficient than other high-level combining techniques currently in use.

Wide Orbit WO Traffic 5.0
Sales, traffic and billing software
With the new 5.0 release, WO Traffic adds significant new functionality, including enhanced, dynamic inventory management with an Inventory Heat Map and Inventory Adjustments, as well as new, innovative support for Alternate Logs. Additionally, WO Traffic 5.0 reveals a new user interface with a fresh, improved look and feel — unified across all Wideorbit products, including the newly launched WO Sales.

Barix Technology BCL Software
Solid-state player application
Barix has developed solid-state player functionality for its range of Audio over IP devices using Barix”s powerful open source BCL (Barix Coding Language) software. Customers in the radio broadcast and professional audio industries can now use Barix Exstreamer audio decoders and Annuncicom intercom/VoIP devices in the studio or at a receive point as a cost-effective solution for reliable, high-quality audio playback.