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‘OK, Who Let *Him* in the Studio?’

'OK, Who Let *Him* in the Studio?'

And forgive us, but we just have to pass along this press release verbatim:


Mentalist Zaps WOR, 710 AM, “The Joey Reynolds Show”

NEW YORK, NY- July 28, 2005- World famous mentalist, The Amazing Kreskin, who for over four decades has dramatized the unique facets of the human mind, caused WOR radio station (710 AM) to go off the air, using his mental abilities.
Kreskin was a guest on WOR’s “The Joey Reynolds Show” and was attempting an experiment where he was going to make listeners feel like they were freezing cold, using his power of suggestion.
Kreskin instructed listeners to turn off their air conditioning, and to reflect on the coldest experience of their life. After conditioning his subjects, he told them that after he spelled his name twice, K-R-E-S-K-I-N, and says the phrase, “chill out,” they were all going to experience an uncanny arctic chill throughout their body.
After spelling his name twice and shouting, “chill out,” instant pandemonium broke out in the control room of the radio station. It turns out that for reasons they could not figure out, WOR Radio went off the air for at least 30 seconds, the first time in the station’s history. Everyone at the station was asking if it was conceivable that The Amazing Kreskin shut down the network with his mental abilities? Did Kreskin zap WOR Radio Network?
After the station was back on air, they received hundreds of phone calls from listeners claiming that they experienced an almost paralyzing chill throughout their bodies.
On July 25, 2005 Kreskin performed a similar “Heat Wave Experiment” on WB-11’s Morning News and on NBC News. Kreskin was able to make a group of people believe that they were freezing cold, despite the over 90-degree temperature.
PS from Radio World: We had to check, of course. WOR engineering executive Tom Ray tells us the board op accidentally hit a button on the UPS and dumped the studio; “it had nothing to do with Kreskin.”