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‘Opie & Anthony’ is History

'Opie & Anthony' is History

Infinity’s WNEW(FM) in New York has made syndicated ‘Opie and Anthony’ disappear. Permanently. According to a statement issued by the station, “Based on recent events, The Opie and Anthony Show has been cancelled, and will be replaced by other programming beginning (Friday.)”
The cancellation follows a week of criticism for the station over a sex contest. The latest bashing comes from the nonprofit group Morality in Media. MIM President Robert Peters stated, “Had the FCC been doing its job all along to ensure that WNEW fulfilled its public interest obligations, there would have been no barnyard sex over the airwaves or allegedly in St. Patrick’s-because Opie and Anthony would long ago have either cleaned up their program or been dismissed.”
Peters called the FCC’s enforcement of its indecency laws “sporadic”. Infinity suspended the hosts and the show producer and WNEW apologized for the stunt earlier in the week. Democratic Commissioner Michael Copps has said he’s received hundreds of messages from outraged citizens over the station allegedly airing a couple having sex in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Copps urged his colleagues to consider revoking WNEW’s license.

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