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Abacast Ad Insertion Technology in Production

ESPN Radio adopts cloud-based customized ad insertion to target mobile and desktop listeners with personalized audio ads

Digital radio streaming and software services company Abacast says its cloud-based ad insertion system is available and in use. ESPN Radio is an early adopter.

The company says listeners can receive individualized in-stream audio ads on both stationary and mobile devices with the Abacast system.

Adweek quoted ESPN Digital Audio Senior Manager Blair Cullen as saying: “This was a huge hole in the radio industry … Before, it was one stream to thousands of people, and it didn’t make sense that we were targeting women with a lot of the ads that were running. Now, hundreds of thousands of people are going to get different ad breaks.” He added, “You could be in the same car as your friend wearing different headsets, and you’ll still be served a different ad than that person.”

Examples of targeting options include “all smartphone listeners,” “all listeners in the top 20 DMAs that are on iPhones,” “all male listeners in the 25–34 age range in a group of zip codes,” “all listeners listening on the TuneIn player.”

Advertisers find targeted inventory appealing because their ads are only reaching the audiences they want, according to the company.

Abacast CEO Rob Green says his company’s ad insertion technology is cost-effective, addresses legacy players without the need to add additional client software. “Targeted cloud-based ad insertion technologies will be an imperative driver for broadcaster profitability in online radio as we continue to see consumers using many devices to consume content when and where they choose.”