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AES to Present Awards in San Francisco

David Bialik to be honored for activities in radio broadcast engineering

David Bialik, AES Fellowship Award Winner

This year’s Audio Engineering Society awards will be presented during the opening ceremonies of the 133rd AES Convention on Oct. 26 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

The organization says that it will recognize members who have made contributions in research, scholarship and publications or whose accomplishments have advanced the audio engineering industry.

“While their individual areas of expertise are diverse, AES Award recipients are similar in that each of them has made an indelible mark on the advancement of the art and science of pro audio,” said Awards Committee Chair Diemer de Vries.

A familiar face to radio broadcasters, Dave Bialik, will receive an AES Fellowship Award for his activities in radio broadcast engineering. Other AES Fellowship Awards will be presented to:

• Juha Backman, for contributions in developing high-quality audio for mobile devices
• Poppy Crum, for work in neuroscience and psychoacoustics, which has produced a better understanding of how people listen to audio
• Carlos Indio Gauvron,for contributions to the dissemination of audio technical knowledge in Latin America
• Garry Margolis, for activities in audio engineering, including both loudspeaker development and digital audio coding.
• Jorge Moreno, for research in audio measurement technologies and dedication to audio education in Latin America
• John Storyk, for four decades of work in room design, acoustical treatment and modification
• Woon-Seng Gan, for contributions to signal processing, education and research leadership in the field of audio engineering

The recipients of the 2012 AES Board of Governors awards are: Jay Fouts, for his work on behalf of the Audio Engineering Society over half a century; Kyungwhoon Cheun and John Oh, for co-chairing the 43rd AES International Conference, Pohang, Korea; Ricardo Escallón and Marcela Zorro for co-chairing the 2010 Latin American Conference, Bogota, Colombia; Cesar Lamschtein, for chairing the 2011 Latin America Conference, Montevideo, Uruguay; Gunther Melendez, for chairing the 2012 Latin America Conference, Guatemala; Ville Pulkki, for chairing the 45th AES International Conference on Application of Time-Frequency Processing in Audio, Helsinki; Jeff. M. Smith, for chairing the 46th AES International Conference on Audio Forensics, Denver and Michael Santucci, for chairing the 47th AES International Conference on Music-Induced Hearing Disorders, Chicago.

AES says its Distinguished Services Medal will also be awarded to John Vanderkooy, in recognition of his work as AES Journal editor and as a member of the Board of Governors. An Honorary Membership Award will also be presented to Ronald E. Uhlig, for his engineering efforts to enhance audiences’ film sound experience.

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