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Alpine Tower to Be Site of Commemorative FM Broadcast

Alpine Tower to Be Site of Commemorative FM Broadcast

Seventy years after Major Armstrong demonstrated wide-band FM for the first time in public, a commemorative FM broadcast at the Alpine Tower in New Jersey will recall the event.
And if you can’t hear it at 42.8 MHz, you can listen online.
Steve Hemphill, owner of equipment maker Solid Electronics Laboratories, and Charles Sackermann Jr., CEO of the company that owns the Alpine Tower, plan the broadcast from the site June 11-12. They said they have an STA from the FCC to conduct the broadcast on Armstrong’s original FM frequency of 42.8 MHz under experimental call sign WA2XMN.
The program material includes a dramatic production of “Empire of the Air” based on the book about early radio by author Tom Lewis. Also planned are excerpts from a 1941 test broadcast between stations of the original New England Yankee Network, featuring recordings of Armstrong, Paul deMars, Yankee Network Chief Engineer and others. The planners said they’ll also rebroadcast the final signoff of Major Armstrong’s pioneer FM station W2XMN/KE2XCC, which went dark in 1954 after his death.
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