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Aphex Excites Sound With 204

Aphex Excites Sound With 204
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Aphex Systems has released an updated version of its Aural Exciter.
The Model 204, which replaces the older Model 104, features a Optical Big Bottom for enhanced low-end response; two independent channels; a revamped front-panel layout; internal power supply; XLR and 1/4-inch input and output connectors; plus updated circuitry for improved overall sound quality and user flexibility. The suggested price for the unit is $400.
The unit features a custom light-dependent resistor as the gain-control element. As a result, dynamic range is increased by 10 dB, which includes some increased flexibility.
Furthermore, the Big Bottom circuit shapes the bass response in the 20-120 Hz range, increasing the perception of low frequencies without boosting the maximum peak output.
For more information visit the Web site at www.aphex.com


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