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Aphex Turns to MkIII

Aphex Turns to MkIII
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Aphex Systems is out with the MkIII version of its Model 2020 Broadcast Audio Processor.
It is a self-contained dynamics processor for FM, TV, cable, satellite and Webcasting. It has a split-band optical pre-emphasis limiter, an overshoot-compensated, low-distortion low-pass filter and new processing algorithms.
The company says the design of the filter is extremely effective in eliminating overshoots and artifacts, allowing the processing to be run more aggressively with a cleaner sound. An upgrade path from the MkII is available.


Werrbach Guides Aphex Designs

It has been said that audio processing is personal. You may not know the name of the person who designed your CD player or console, but you may well know who invented your on-air processor.