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Arbitron Installs PPM in First Households in Philly

Arbitron Installs PPM in First Households in Philly

Arbitron has begun installing its Portable People Meter system among Philadelphia-area consumers.
The audience research firm is recruiting a panel of 2,040 consumers, ages 6 and older, to carry the PPM. The Media Rating Council is auditing the process and when its report is completed, Arbitron will begin releasing PPM data from that market.
Arbitron has signed PPM contracts in Philly with Beasley Broadcasting, CBS Radio, Greater Media and WBEB(FM), representing a total of 14 stations that account for at least 60% of the radio revenue in the market, according to the research firm.
In addition, Arbitron has signed agreements with national advertising agencies that it says account for more than 90% of the national radio advertising dollars spent in Philadelphia.
The city was also the site of an early market trial for PPM in 2002-03.