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Arbitron, Nielsen Stall PPM Decision

Arbitron, Nielsen Stall PPM Decision

All bets are off on when Arbitron and Nielsen will have an agreement on whether to go further together with Portable People Meter development in the U.S. Originally, both companies said they would know by this summer. Recently, that was changed to the end of the year.
Now, they’re saying negotiations continue, and details will be released “at the appropriate time” according to Arbitron President/CEO Steve Morris.
“Our two companies are looking at the possibility of defining one or more additional phases of research and development that would precede any decision to form a joint venture to deploy the Portable People Meter in the United States,” said Morris. “The details of this program are being discussed and will be announced at an appropriate time. The outcome of this discussion, along with the results of this enhanced R & D program and acceptance of our efforts in the marketplace, would determine whether Nielsen will commit to the formation of the joint venture and the commercial deployment of the Portable People Meter.”