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Nielsen Report Studies Black Listener Habits

Radio reaches 89% of Blacks every month compared to 29% for YouTube

A new report from Nielsen details how Black listeners use broadcast radio, podcasts, streaming and satellite radio.

“For the first time, we break down the differences between general audio providers (ad-free plus ad-supported) and ad-supported audio providers specifically,” the company said.

“In the audio universe, only AM/FM radio can deliver the scale advertisers need, and its impact is even more pronounced when comparing reach among ad-supported options for audio marketing campaigns. Radio reaches 89% of Blacks every month compared to 29% for the next largest ad-supported audio service (YouTube Music).”

“Radio’s share of total time spent with media during the week is highest during morning drive and mid-day, while overall listening peaks in the afternoon hours (3–5 p.m.),” Nielsen wrote.

It found that AM/FM radio leads all audio sources for share of time spent, and when comparing ad-supported audio listening, radio accounts for 62% of daily time spent.

It also found that urban AC/R&B and urban contemporary/hip-hop/R&B are “far and away” the most popular formats among Black consumers. “Half of all radio listening goes to those two formats alone.”

The report is part of the company’s “Audio Today” series.

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