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Arbitron Replacing Field Meters for PPM

Arbitron Replacing Field Meters for PPM

Although Arbitron’s Personal People Meter test in Houston began in January, the audience research firm is replacing all meters in the field.
Why? Because daily hardware quality tests built into the PPM system indicate that a “small number of meters had a failed connection between the microphone and the PPM circuitry,” stated the audience research firm in a summary of information shared with Houston stations and advertisers this week.
“Our objective is not to release any Houston PPM data until we are satisfied the total PPM system is operating at an optimum quality level,” states the firm.
The firm will extend its panel recruitment until June 30; it hopes to have more than 2,000 wearing the meter by that date.
Arbitron has also incorporated a time stamp into the PPM encoder. The PPM data now include the time a program aired and the time a panelist heard it.
The first data delivery showing comparisons between PPM and diary use is slated for a late August/early September timeframe; a one-month delay due to the meter replacement.