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Axia’s 2.5 Software for SmartSurface Adds Processing

Axia's 2.5 Software for SmartSurface Adds Processing

Axia Audio said it released Version 2.5 software for SmartSurface, its 16-fader studio control surface. The company says the v2.5 adds dynamic voice processing, through compression, de-essing and noise gating by sister company Omnia, to supplement the SmartSurface three-band parametric EQ features.
The fader channels can be assigned control of any studio source in the networked studio complex for control of mixing, routing, playback, recording and editing. SmartSurface works with the Axia IP-Audio system, which enables broadcasters to build audio networks using switched Ethernet to connect multiple rooms.
Additional highlights of the v2.5 software include control of automated playout systems, improved set/save/recall functions and the ability to stop and start multiple pre-defined audio sources via a button press, which Axia says is suitable for morning or talk shows.
Info is on the company’s Web site.