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Bangladesh Betar Goes With Ampegon

Kabirpur transmitting station puts HP-RCA 2/2 to use

Ampegon HP-RCA2/2 at Kabirpur, Bangladesh KABIRPUR, Bangladesh — Bangladesh Betar is the state-owned radio broadcasting organization of Bangladesh. To optimize the international shortwave coverage, it was decided to upgrade the existing Kabirpur transmitting site with the new, flexible Ampegon HP-RCA 2/2.

Featuring easy integration with practically any shortwave broadcast station, this was a good choice for the extension. The new rotatable antenna was tested and handed over from Ampegon to Betar in September.

Based on a rigid dipole array and a tubular shaft, the HP-RCA 2/2 is a back-to-back arrangement of a low-band and a high-band curtain antenna equipped with reflector screens.

The 2/2 dipole array configuration gives a good radiation characteristic and the antenna gain of up to 19 dBi assures sufficient signal field strength in the coverage area. The antenna operates to any azimuth and can rotate 180 degrees in less than three minutes.

To take into consideration the environmental conditions at the site, the antenna is designed for a maximum survival wind speed of 150 mph and a maximum operational wind speed of 75 mph.

By using rigid λ/2 folded dipoles, which are mounted to the steel structure at their “zero potential” point, the need of insulators in structural parts is eliminated and perfect static grounding is assured. This and easy accessibility are the reasons we feel that the HP-RCA 2/2 is one of the most reliable high-power shortwave broadcasting antennas available.

The antenna’s enhanced power splitting and dipole feed system is optimized for outstanding bandwidth performance. This is even more important for Digital Radio Mondiale operation, for which the new transmission system at Kabirpur is prepared.

The proven design of the Ampegon rotatable shortwave antenna system is enabling broadcasters to make major savings, thanks to the high overall efficiency and the outstanding flexibility.

Ampegon is a new name to many. It was formed out of Thomson Broadcast’s radio business along with several other technology businesses.

For information, contact Josef Troxler in Switzerland at 011-41-58-710-44 00 or visit