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Beasley Buys BE HD Radio Gear

Beasley Buys BE HD Radio Gear

Beasley Broadcast Group, Inc., has purchased Broadcast Electronics equipment for five of its six stations being converted to HD Radio. The group purchased BE transmission packages for two of its FMs and BE signal generators for three of its AMs in Miami and Philadelphia.
“Broadcast Electronics is an integral part of our early HD implementation,” said Bob Demuth, Vice President/Chief Technology Officer of Beasley Broadcast Group.
Beasley ‘s WKIS(FM) in Miami began airing HD Radio on Sept. 19 using BE’s FMi 201 transmitter for the HD Radio signal. Its WXTU(FM) in Philadelphia began airing HD Radio during the week of the NAB Radio Show using BE’s FMi 1405 transmitter for common amplification of the HD Radio and analog signals. Both stations are using BE FXi 60/250 digital exciters and FSi 10 signal generators as part of BE’s HD Radio package.
For the three AMs, Beasley Broadcast purchased BE ASi 10 signal generators. WQAM(AM) and WSBR(AM) in Miami are interfacing the ASi 10 to existing BE AM transmitters and WWNN(AM), also in the Miami market, is using the BE ASi 10 signal generator in front of an existing Harris DX transmitter.
Another Beasley AM, WWDB(AM) in Philadelphia, used an ASi 10 on loan from Broadcast Electronics to generate the HD Radio signal for an existing Harris DX transmitter during the NAB Radio Show.
With these purchases, Beasley nears completion of its first phase of HD Radio rollout in Philadelphia and Miami. Ten stations in all are planned for conversion.