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Belden Cables Designed for Touch Panels

Belden Cables Designed for Touch Panels

Belden showed 1502R and 1502P multimedia control cables designed for connection of touch panel systems, increasingly found in broadcast studios.
Both include a data pair of two 22 AWG seven-strand tinned copper conductors insulated with foamed polyethylene and shielded with Beldfoil tape and a drain wire, as well as a power pair of two 18 AWG copper conductors.
The 1502R is insulated with PVC for the power pair; the 1502P is insulated with plenum-rated PVC and encased in a plenum-rated PVC jacket.
Belden has also introduced packaging for many of its products, a clear plastic dispenser called Belcoil. The packaging is designed to save space and require less set up than the traditional spools, as well as creating less waste.
And the company’s 1800F cable, a flexible digital audio cable used for digital microphone connections, now carries a CL2R rating from Underwriters Laboratory that allows it to be used in risers while meeting National Electrical Code requirements.