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Britain’s UBC Media to Advise Ibiquity

Britain's UBC Media to Advise Ibiquity

Looking abroad for marketing input, Ibiquity Digital has hired a British radio production company and owner of the Classic Gold format for advice on the introduction of HD Radio in the United States.
UBC Media chief executive Simon Cole tells The Guardian the potential for digital radio in America is big, but the deal is more important strategically rather than financially until IBOC is more established.
“Having been at the forefront of digital radio in the UK since its inception, we have considerable knowledge of how to exploit the technology successfully and are in a strong position to export this knowledge overseas,” Cole said.
UBC bills itself as the largest independent producer of radio programming for the BBC, which has devoted several channels to digital-only programming.
The Eureka-147 technology for digital radio has particularly gained momentum in the UK, where proponents have funded receiver marketing efforts.

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