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Broadcasters, You’re Not in Radio Anymore

Jacobs Media duo to bring the gospel of innovation to Radio Show

Fred Jacobs, Paul Jacobs, Jacobs Media
Fred and Paul Jacobs

If you’re headed to Dallas this Sept. 24–26, you may be attending the Radio Show, but the Jacobs brothers want you to know that you’re not really working in radio anymore.

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Yes, you read that right: on Sept. 26, Jacobs Media’s Fred and Paul Jacobs will present a session explaining why broadcasters are moving on to new opportunities while maintaining the core values of the medium. During “You’re Not in the Radio Business Anymore: Stories from Innovators Who’ve Made the Transition,” attendees will learn about the challenges and benefits of expanding beyond OTA in 2019 from those who’ve made the leap.

“We are excited to present an all-important session on the strategies that best serve broadcasters as we position our industry to succeed in 2019 and beyond. Fred and Paul Jacobs will offer actionable insights on propelling the radio business forward in today’s changing media landscape,” Radio Advertising Bureau President and CEO Erica Farber said in the announcement.

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