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Broadcasters’ Foundation Assists Broadcasters Hit by Katrina

Broadcasters' Foundation Assists Broadcasters Hit by Katrina

The Broadcasters’ Foundation said it has responded to Hurricane Katrina by distributing approximately $250,000 in grants to broadcasters and their families affected in Louisiana and Mississippi.
After Katrina, the Foundation established a fund initiated with a matching-grant donation of $50,000 made by Director Richard Foreman. Fellow broadcasters matched his donation within 48 hours.
Additional resources to meet demand for grants have come from the Broadcasters’ Foundation Endowment Fund.
Chair Philip Lombardo said the organization will have approved more than 250 grant requests by year’s-end. “Each recipient has initially received a $1,000 emergency grant. Situations that warrant continuing assistance will be reviewed.”
He said, “We have no way (to determine) what the total number of grant requests … will be. Based upon the current flow it will certainly exceed the current 250 individuals and may very well surpass $300,000 in grant distribution.”
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