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Audioburst Joins Harman Ignite Store

Harman also opens a hub for Android Automotive developers

promo image from Audioburst website
A promotional image from the Audioburst website.

Audio search and delivery firm Audioburst now is available on the Harman Ignite Store connected vehicle platform.

Separately, Harman also opened a hub for Android Automotive developers.

“The Audioburst Android Automotive app is now available through the Harman Ignite Store to augment vehicle infotainment systems, providing drivers and passengers alike with unprecedented personalization and access to the world’s largest searchable library of talk audio content,” the companies announced.

The company’s AI listens to podcasts and radio stations, analyzes and indexes the long-form content and cuts it into short-form audio clips called bursts.

“Keywords, entities, sentiment and additional metadata features are extracted to ensure the most accurate topical segmentation,” the company explains. “The bursts are then grouped together into playlists to provide listeners with a recommended content stream based on trending topics, past behavior, and defined keywords and interests. These can be as broad as ‘Tech’ and ‘Business’ or as specific as ‘Ariana Grande,’ ‘LA Lakers,’ and ‘Pfizer stock.’”

Audioburst CEO Amir Hirsh was quoted saying this approach means drivers don’t have to browse podcasts and radio stations “in futile, and at times dangerous, attempts to find relevant content,” thanks to personalization and discovery capabilities.

Audioburst said its APIs also “provide OEMs with powerful user analytics and unique monetization opportunities.” OEMs can collect info about content consumption that can be used to inform subscriptions or advertisements.

Albert Jordan, VP of the Harman Ignite Store business unit, said the purpose of its platform is to connect drivers and passengers to their favorite apps and media.

Harman International is a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. Samsung Venture Investment is an investor in Audioburst. Harman says 50 million cars on the road have its audio systems. Its brands include AKG, Harman Kardon, Infinity, JBL, Lexicon, Mark Levinson and Revel.

Reflecting the growing importance of the Android Automotive OS, Harman also announced a Harman Ignite Store Developers Portal, a hub for Android Automotive developers.

“Those developing to the Android Automotive open operating system can deploy automotive apps, which OEMs can then easily scale and manage to drive new digital touchpoints with their customers through the Harman Ignite Store.”