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Bell Media Chooses Veritone for AI Ad Solutions

Multiyear deal signs up about 40 radio and TV stations for Veritone Essentials and Veritone Attribute 

From Radio World’s “Who’s Buying What” department: Canadian broadcaster Bell Media says it has signed a deal to pilot Veritone Essentials and Veritone Attribute artificial intelligence solutions at three dozen of its radio and television stations for several years. 

In the announcement, Bell Media Vice President of National Radio Sales Dean explained the Veritone deployments enable “real-time campaign optimization” in addition to “attribution and effectiveness metrics.”

Rutherford said, “We are now able to see campaigns as they air, including preproduced, live, and in-show executions. This allows us to provide up-to-the-minute analytics with a new level of transparency, enabling our local and national advertising partners and sponsors to better measure campaign effectiveness and return on investment.”

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For example, the Veritone Attribute app demonstrates correlations between advertisements and web traffic within a select time frame via “intuitive dashboards and reports.”

Bell Media has 109 licensed radio stations in 58 markets in Canada.

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