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Benztown to Distribute AudioLogger in U.S.

Signs agreement with Tracy Johnson Media

AudioLogger, Tracy Johnson Media, BenztownWe told you recently about the introduction of an audio utility app called AudioLogger to the U.S. market. Now Benztown has signed an agreement to market and distribute it.

The company announced its relationship with Tracy Johnson Media Group, under which it will market and distribute AudioLogger to U.S. radio stations.

The app makes it easier for stations to repurpose audio for various applications. It was developed by broadcaster Alain Claise in Belgium. Tracy Johnson says it is used on approximately 250 stations.

[Read our interview with Tracy Johnson]

“With AudioLogger, all station staff can instantly access, manage and share audio for any station in the world,” the companies said in a release.

“Broadcasters can access audio for airchecks. The sales team can send proof of performance audio and live reads to advertisers without filling out a production request. And stations can even convert any audio segment into attention-getting videos to post online with just a couple of clicks.”

They highlight the app’s dashboard and the fact that it can monitor other stations in their market or company or elsewhere. Users can also export music logs and playlists, which, the companies said, “could replace expensive music monitoring services.”

Benztown also offers audio imaging, production libraries, voiceovers, programming, podcasting and jingle production, and has a major syndication arm as well. The company was co-founded by audio veterans Andreas Sannemann and Oliver Klenk of Germany and Dave “Chachi” Denes of the United States.


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