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New Range Rover Includes SiriusXM 360L

Hybrid radio platform will come to more Jaguars and Land Rovers soon

Range Rover, SiriusXMThe newly announced Range Rover will include SiriusXM’s hybrid radio system 360L.

The announcement was made by Jaguar Land Rover North America and SiriusXM. The vehicle — the price of which starts at $104,000 — will be available next spring and is the first Jaguar and Land Rover vehicle to offer the 360L platform, but its use in more Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles is planned.

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“By model year 2023 SiriusXM with 360L will be standard in Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles equipped with the PIVI Pro infotainment system,” the companies said.

In 2020, BMW was the first carmaker to introduce some models with the new platform, and Maserati was the first to make it a standard feature.

SiriusXM with 360L is one of a new generation of radio listening platforms that combine over-the-air reception — in this case from a satellite — with streaming content delivery. Features include on-demand content, personalized recommendations and Pandora stations.

New vehicle owners in the United States will get a three-month trial subscription to a SiriusXM Platinum Plan.