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Super Hi-Fi Snags Midemlab Honor

AI-based company is deployed by media such as iHeart and Sonos

MidemSuper Hi-Fi is celebrating being named winner of the 2020 Midemlab competition for music tech startups in the Music Distribution and Discovery category.

The company has been in the news for its AI-based technology that it says “creates unique audio experiences by weaving together discrete audio elements and music into perfectly-produced, highly engaging listening experiences.”

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The technology is used by iHeartRadio, Sonos, TargetSpot and other media companies.

Zack Zalon is co-founder and CEO of Super Hi-Fi. He was quoted in the announcement saying “We believe that differentiation will be the primary driver of growth for the streaming music industry in the coming years, and this award is an excellent proof point that our vision is starting to break through.” Super Hi-Fi noted that past Midemlab winners include familiar names like Soundcloud, Kickstarter, The Echo Nest, NextBigSound and Asaii.

The upcoming June 24 issue of Radio World features an interview with Zack Zalon about Super Hi-Fi’s business and technology.