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…But Alert Devices Says ‘We’re Trying to Do the Right Thing’

...But Alert Devices Says 'We're Trying to Do the Right Thing'

Contacted by Radio World, the president of the division of Alert Devices International Corp. that makes the emergency alerting units (see story, above) said his company is not selling the product to U.S. clients, contrary to NAB’s complaint.
He said Canadian authorities have approved its use, and that posting the product on the Web site is appropriate for marketing to global clients. He said he has 130 purchase orders from U.S. customers that won’t ship until the FCC approves the system.
“We’re law enforcement guys here, we’re trying to do the right thing,” Tom Macone said. “We’re not foolish.”
The system, installed in police cruisers, would override AM and FM radios nearby with three beeps and an audible “Warning, Emergency Vehicle” message.
As to NAB’s broader criticisms of the alert proposal, Macone said the association’s filing makes many assumptions. He said he hopes the NAB will come to realize the system will be no more intrusive than a siren passing by on the road, and much safer.
“People are getting killed, getting hurt. … If you could put the head of the NAB in the front seat of a cruiser,” Macone said, “he’d pull his people off” their objections.
The parent company was founded in 1999 by a retired Massachusetts state trooper who was severely injured when he was struck by a motorist at an accident scene.