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BW Broadcast Chooses Prism Sound Analyzers

dScope Series III incorporated into ATE systems

Broadcast equipment manufacturer BW Broadcast has invested in two more dScope Series III digital audio analyzers from Prism Sound.

The dScope Series III audio analyzer is an audio test solution that includes analog and optimized digital outputs and inputs. According to the firm, precise and automatic gain ranging allows high-resolution measurements over a massive range, from a few microvolts to more than 150 volts RMS, and from less than 1 Hz to over 90kHz.

BW Broadcast uses its latest Prism Sound dScope units in two automated test equipment systems, quality checking its range of transmitters, receivers and digital audio processors.

“Prior to installing our new ATE systems, we spent hours checking every piece of equipment and inevitably mistakes would occur,” said BW Broadcast cofounder Scott Incz. “The two identical ATE systems have made a huge difference to our productivity and we are now looking to add a third one.”

Incz added that dScope Series III is a central piece of the jigsaw. “We use dScope to test every aspect of our products’ audio performance, including measuring the performance of our DSP code.”