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C. Crane Launches Recorder/Radio

CC Witness includes AM as well as FM reception.

Now that high-quality handheld digital flash memory-based recorders are becoming common it looks like it is time to start differentiating them by expanding their nonrecorder features.

C. Crane’s CC Witness has an onboard radio — with both AM and FM. It retails for $229.95.

What is the AM reception like? “The AM reception is good when tuned to a strong signal,” the company states in its FAQ. “The AM tuner in the CC Witness will not receive distant AM stations like the CCRadio plus. With the display screen off, reception is better.”

Besides the radio, the CC Witness has 2 GB of onboard memory, an SD slot for adding more memory, a USB 2.0 interface for offloading recordings and included calendar and alarm clock functions. Recording file format is MP3 (32 kbps to 256 kbps). Included accessories are an FM antenna, USB-based charger and stereo earbuds.

A built-in mic can record events, memos and by utilizing internal recording functions radio programs can be recorded. The calendar can be programmed to record upcoming radio programs and spots.