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“Car Talk” to Finally Turn Engine Off

NPR says that the “Best of …” will cease in September 2017

Admittedly “Car Talk” has been running on fumes with its “Best of Car Talk” coasting along for awhile, but it’s still going to choke up many (at least 2.6 million regular listeners) to learn that National Public Radio has announced that Sept. 20, 2017 will be the last episode of the legacy car stuff (and more!) show.

With “Prairie Home Companion” changing hosts and “Car Talk” pulling off the road, the old guard that built much of modern NPR is retiring to the scrap yard, or rather the podcast yard.

In a press release “Car Talk” Executive Producer Doug Berman put a little polish on the announcement, “We will make the 2016–2017 season of ‘Car Talk’ the best of the best. We will edit, enhance and program the very best of the 30-year series.”

“Car Talk” started in 1977 with WBUR(FM) and ceased original production in 2012 when the iconic hosts, Tom and Ray Magliozzi (aka “Click and Clack”) retired. It has continued with edited segments in a best-of format and in the form of podcasts.