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CartWorks Adds apt-X Flexibility

CartWorks Adds apt-X Flexibility

dbm Systems and APT have developed an apt-X software plug-in for the CartWorks line of digital audio systems. dbm says this is the first digital audio system that can play WAV, MPEG Layers 2 and 3, apt-X and many other formats.
“The apt-X digital audio format has long been a favorite among broadcasters,” said President George Thomas. “Many manufacturers have used it in their digital audio systems. Unfortunately, there are only two audio cards that support apt-X. These cards do not offer the new features of WAV/MPEG cards, they only play apt-X files, and both are based on older ISA standards.”
Thomas said many stations have stored their music libraries in apt-X format.
“While the audio quality is still superb, they now are locked into older technology hardware. If they wish to play other formats, they must re-record all existing audio and replace each workstation.”
dbm Systems’ new apt-X plug-in for CartWorks allows apt-X playback and recording with virtually any sound card.
“We also have a fast, stand-alone apt-X / WAV file converter, for those who just want to convert between formats,” he said.