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Creative Commercials ‘Effective at Any Length,’ Clear Channel Says

Creative Commercials 'Effective at Any Length,' Clear Channel Says

Listeners love longer programming blocks, and they notice fewer commercials, shorter breaks and more music. Radio need not be all :60s.
Thus says Clear Channel, summarizing one of the studies it released in support of its “Less Is More” initiative.
“The studies also found that listeners are retaining advertising content better in the improved listening environment.”
Clear Channel said:

*Over time, fewer commercials and more music are likely to improve listener loyalty;
*A commercial’s effectiveness is not dependent on length;
*Creative, well-executed, relevant spots generate strong recall;
*A significant number of 30- and 15-second commercials had recall scores equal to or greater than many 60-second commercials, suggesting that recall and impact relate to things other than commercial length.

Another study found that a first-position, 30-second spot retained more audience than a first-position, 60-second spot; and that with shorter commercial breaks, roughly 80% of the qualified audience is still listening after the second commercial, and roughly 70% are still listening after the third spot.