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CSR Expands Apt-X Reach

Codec algorithm made available for digital wireless microphone system manufacturers

When chip maker and technology developer CSR acquired the intellectual property/patent holding part of the APT business, it was only a matter of time before the company’s vaunted codec algorithms would be put to new work.

Now comes the announcement that “apt-X Live” is going to be made available to the digital wireless microphone industry, where it can be used by designers to improve the spectrum handling of digital wireless mic systems and in-ear monitor systems.

At the recent AES show in San Francisco, CSR showed its apt-X Live audio codec demonstrator for low-power, spectrum-efficient digital wireless microphone systems.

Chris Havell, director of audio marketing for CSR, stated: “Our evaluation platform helps to prove the CSR low-latency apt-X Live audio codec’s ability to satisfy key design criteria for deployment in digital wireless microphone systems. We expect audio system designers will be impressed with the audio bandwidth, dynamic range and end-to-end audio latency of this apt-X Live demonstrator.”