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Danagger Goes to Plan B

Danagger Goes to Plan B

Expect to hear more about “Plan B.” Danagger Audio Works reveals that its Plan B Silence Eliminator is being distributed in the United States by Broadcast Supply Worldwide and Broadcasters General Store. Canadian distributorship is through All Electric Pro Audio, and the company is in talks for a European contract.
The Plan B protects against dead air and technical outages. It detects loss of program feed and provides backup using its multiformat disc player. It also contacts personnel by telephone, reports the failure with a pre-recorded voice and allows connected equipment and itself to be controlled via remote phone keypad.
When the feed is restored, the unit fades, stops and cues the backup disc to the next track. The player can play MP3-encoded discs, CDs and CD-Rs. Stations can create non-repeating backup programming of 44 hours from one disc. The product will be shown at the upcoming NAB show by BGS. Info: .