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Deva Latest Livewire Partner

Bulgarian manufacturer integrates IP audio connectivity into products

Axia Audio recently announced that Bulgaria-based Deva Broadcast Ltd., manufacturer of RDS and RDBS gear, FM monitoring and scanning devices and IP audio MPEG streaming encoder/decoders, has become an Axia Livewire partner.

Under the Livewire Limitless License (L3), Deva Broadcast is licensed to build a Livewire interface into any or all of its products, allowing instant one-cable connection to Axia IP audio networks and communication with products from more than 40 other Livewire hardware and software partners.

Axia also supports the Ravenna IP audio standard, which is backed by companies like Genelec, Neumann, Sonifex, Merging Technologies and Lawo.

In other news for Deva, it has announced a firmware upgrade for its DB-44 FM monitor/receiver. According to Deva, the upgrade, version 2.2, allows for audio streaming for iPads, iPhones and Android devices. It also provides a better GUI, improves performance and fixes some bugs.