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Dial Report to Provide Audience Measurement Data

Smulyan says 125-130 million Android phones are enabled with NextRadio

The developers of the NextRadio application have revealed more about the new digital audience measurement service that they say will make their hybrid radio app more valuable to terrestrial radio stations.

The Dial Report will provide deep analytics and insights about an advertiser’s on-air campaign, they say, by measuring campaign results and listener behavior. The NextRadio app allows listeners to tune in local FM radio signals on tuner-enabled smartphones, then adds internet connectivity.

NextRadio CEO/President Paul Brenner spoke during a webinar Thursday introducing the Dial Report and said the service provides a digital measurement report of analog radio usage.

“The Dial Report is intended to be a tool for radio sellers. It’s a recap of analog investments by advertisers. The information we grab from the smartphone allows us to then aggregate the data and measure audience,” Brenner said.

The measurement service can provide location-based data, demographics and radio listening data within 48 hours of airing spots. Report users will be able to determine campaign listens, views, interactions, listener proximity and in-store traffic, according to NextRadio.

“The Dial Report provides meaningful radio data that agencies and brands can use to prove the value radio spots bring to their marketing efforts. Being able to see the proximity of a listener is unprecedented in the radio industry,” Brenner said.

On the webinar Brenner showed a summary of how the Dial Report works and its ability to paint a demographic profile of NextRadio listeners.

“We can monitor the listener and come up with data on the listener. We know what station they were listening to and when they were listening. We know their gender and age. The data collected can be used to satisfy the huge demand advertisers have for data attribution,” Brenner said.

Radio World asked what it costs. “The Dial Report is a tool for any broadcaster to use as a digital measurement of analog radio usage,” Brenner replied in a followup email. “The Dial Report is not a subscription product. The only costs for accessing the data are based on a small portion of the new revenue generated by broadcasters from providing the unique recaps to the buyer.”

The NextRadio app was developed by TagStation LLC, owned by Emmis Communications, with support from NAB Labs. Emmis subsidiary TagStation provides radio stations with artist and title information and interactivity with listeners.

Jeff Smulyan, CEO of Emmis, said during the webinar that the company is closing in on having “125 to 130 million Android smartphones fully activated and enabled with NextRadio.”