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Digigram Adds MP3 Codec Option

Digigram Adds MP3 Codec Option

Digigram has released an optional MP3 codec for its PCX and LCM card line.
“PC codec mp3” improves the performance of MP3 playback using the Digigram cards, the company said, because, a larger number of files can be decoded simultaneously; and the new codec makes recording of MP3 possible. It is sold through Digigram OEM development partners.
It will work with the following Digigram sound cards: PCX22v2, PCX442, PCX822v2, PCX924v2, PCX924-Mic, PCXpocketv3, PCXpocket440, PCXpocket240, and LCM440v2, as well as with the discontinued models PCX22, PCX440np, PCX821np, PCX822np, PCX924, and LCM440.
A separate PC codec with MPEG Layers I, II and MP3 features for the miXart 8 range is available. “PC codec mp3” will not work with Digigram’s VX-range of sound cards.