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Digital Satellite Channel Adds to NPR’s Global Presence

Digital Satellite Channel Adds to NPR’s Global Presence

NPR Worldwide, which transmits NPR programs to overseas audiences via 140 radio stations, cable and satellite, has extended its global reach with a new, 24-hour-a-day, digital stereo service. The channel, part of the Eutelsat Hotbird Satellite, delivers several NPR programs, including “Morning Edition”, “All Things Considered” and “Car Talk” live to 25 potential million listeners in Europe, the Middle East, Russia, North Africa and central Asia.
NPR President and CEO Kevin Klose said the move was significant to offer service to previously unserved areas. “Our programs provide unique insights into the functions of a democracy, which are unavailable from any other broadcast source,” stated Klose. The move continues NPR’s program distribution expansion onto international radio, cable and satellite networks and shortwave.