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ENCO Aims to Help Hearing Impaired With TV Product

ENCO Aims to Help Hearing Impaired With TV Product

ENCO Systems is out with an interesting new product, although it’s not for radio. The company says it will show enCaption at the NAB convention. It describes the system real-time, automated, speaker-independent speech recognition-based closed captioning designed for live television news.
President/CEO Gene Novacek said many TV stations are not able to close-caption breaking news and weather bulletins “due to the cumbersome nature of using human stenographic services.”
VP of Sales and Marketing Don Backus stated, “The speaker-independent nature of enCaption means you don’t have to ‘train’ it to the voices on your station. The neural network part means that enCaption learns place names and locations, essentially customizing itself to the station’s service area. The automation that ENCO specializes in means that there is no human intervention required.”