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EV’s Jim Long Retires

More than four decades after starting a summer technician job, retirement awaits

If you had regular dealings with Electro-Voice over the last few decades you might have occasionally encountered the name Jim Long.

Long has had a number of jobs at the company during his 45 years there. And after those 45 years he has now announced his retirement.

He started with EV in 1963 as a summer engineering technician in Buchanan, Mich. He lasted a little longer than the summer, but eventually left the company to pursue an MBA. However, the call of EV was strong and he returned to in 1966.

Long’s specialty, both with marketing and sales, was live and installation sound. Among other notable projects he was involved with was the company’s “PA Bible.”

Colleague Tom Hansen, VP of key accounts for Bosch Communications Systems, owner of Electro-Voice, said in the announcement: “Between the PA Bible, his excellent presentations and his project support for countless contractors across the country, Jim has educated generations of pro audio professionals.”