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Frequency Launches “Dynamic Audio” Ad Campaign on Spotify

AdsWizz AudioMatic platform enables customized audio and banner ad campaign

Audio advertising company Frequency is working with programmatic partner AdsWizz to launch a personalized audio and banner ad campaign on Spotify.

Using AdsWizz’s AudioMatic demand-side platform, the Frequency ads vary based on time of day and location, as well as weather or music genre, the announcement said. For example, a traffic jam could trigger an ad that “illustrate how much time could be saved with Terra’s Kitchen’s step-by-step recipes,” according to the release. 

Dynamic Audio offers advertisers the ability to “combine the intimate and immersive nature of the audio space with the benefits of programmatic, including the ability to customize creative based on a user’s demographic and psychographic information to drive higher conversation rates,” said Frequency CEO and founder Pete Jimison, who also created and leads digital music advertising agency F Sharp.

The advertisements were for fresh meal delivery service Terra’s Kitchen in the United States. Other brands have also signed up to launch Dynamic Audio campaigns, according to Jimison.