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FX for Free-Lancers

Over 200,000 FX for the low, low price of …

As the Christmas season approaches, the folks at Pro Sound Effects are in a giving mood.

They are making available a special “Free-Lance” deal for their Hybrid Library effects package. The library comes on a USB 3.0 hard drive with 338 GB of effects onboard (counting up to over 215,000 effects). According to Pro Sound Effects, these aren’t cheesy effects, but come out of many of their main libraries, with noises ranging from weather to zombie apocalypse to cartoons to animals (and things that go “Bang”).

It has annual updates and is fully royalty-free. They say they it contains $10,000 worth of effects.

Until Dec. 31, select “free-lance” artists can purchase this library for $1,500. They do have a limited number available.

So why is this important to you, radio professional? Because if your job is production for your station or your station does production, it wouldn’t hurt to see if you qualify for that super-duper free-lance discount. There are people who consider radio employment the closest thing to free-lancing! Don’t be shy.