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Greater Media’s Smyth: Be Proud of Radio or Get Out

Greater Media's Smyth: Be Proud of Radio or Get Out

Be proud of terrestrial radio, and be bolder.
Those were the words from Greater Media President/CEO Peter Smyth to attendees at the Jacobs Media Summit in Cleveland.
During an interview with Fred Jacobs, president of Jacobs Media, Smyth encouraged programmers and other industry professionals to challenge their companies and leaders to look for new ways to make the industry better.
“Localism is key. We all have to stand up and talk about the strengths of terrestrial radio,” Smyth said. “Be proud to be in terrestrial radio. Stand up and say it … or get out.”
In discussing the emergence of satellite radio as a competitor, Smyth said, “Satellite is a distribution channel that is going to be here. What it morphs into remains yet to be seen. Don’t be afraid of it and don’t let it overwhelm you. Look at it as a challenge you each have to make your own product better.”