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Bustos Will Use Geotargeting in Seattle

The company has filed to build boosters with a plan to deploy ZoneCasting

Amador Bustos, Bustos Media, Multicultural Media Telecom and Internet Council, Suzanne Goughertyc
Amador Bustos

Text has been updated to clarify that these applications are for new boosters, a first step in the process. Under FCC rules for geotargeting, an applicant must apply separately for experimental authorization to originate programming on those boosters.

Bustos Media Holdings plans to deploy ZoneCasting on FM stations KTZM and KDDS in the greater Seattle metro, according to GeoBroadcast Solutions.

The company has filed applications for new boosters and intends to apply for experimental authorizations to originate programming for three minutes per hour once those are constructed.

“This marks a significant milestone as Seattle, the 12th largest market in the country, becomes the largest market to deploy geotargeting technology,” GBS said in an announcement.

“The technology will enable KTZM and KDDS to deliver more relevant local content and advertisements to two high-growth underserved Hispanic areas in Aberdeen and Centralia.”

The company quoted President/CEO Amador Bustos as saying the company fully supports the option for stations to voluntarily adopt geo-targeting technology. “This will allow us to better serve our diverse Hispanic communities in distant embedded markets within the greater Seattle metro.”

The FCC gave its approval for broadcasters to use geotargeting in April, under a temporary process until final rules can be set. Several other broadcasters have also filed to build boosters and plan to seek the requisite experimental authorizations. GBS has since asked the commission to finalize the geotargeting rules.

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