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Neb. Association Support for SBE Training

The program develops new talent to fill engineering vacancies

The Nebraska Broadcasters Association has joined the Society of Broadcast Engineers’ effort to bring new technical talent to the field of broadcasting through the SBE’s Technical Professional Training Program.

The SBE created the program at the beginning of 2021 in response to concerns about the ability to fill technical positions as current engineers age out of the workforce, as well as innovations in broadcasting technologies continue.

Launched in January, the NBA plans to cover the cost of TPTP enrollment for up to 12 enrollees, each accepted on a first-come, first-served basis for 2022. It has limited enrollment to one enrollee per dues-paying station employment unit.

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Jim Timm, president and executive director of the NBA, said many broadcast engineers are retiring faster than they can be replaced.

“Recognizing that many stations have a person or two on staff with some technical aptitude,” he said, “we feel the SBE’s TPT is an ideal way to help them expand their capabilities and potentially, groom some future engineers for NBA member stations.”

The Missouri Broadcasters Association launched a similar support program in 2021. Terry Beth Harper, director of member services for the MBA, agreed that finding replacements for those who have or are getting ready to retire can be difficult.

“Someone just starting out might find the right fit in the technical environment, and this program gives them a chance to explore that world a little deeper,” she said.

SBE President Andrea Cummis, CBT, CTO, added, “The SBE continues to increase its education efforts, which includes the TPT. The Nebraska Broadcasters Association and Missouri Broadcasters Association have actively embraced the program, which will hopefully serve as models for other state associations to follow.”

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There have been 33 participants since the launch of the TPTP. So far, the fixed number of participants budgeted for by the SBE has not been met.

The cost of the SBE TPTP is $475. This includes a one-year SBE membership with SBE MemberPlus, a copy of SBE CertPreview, a copy of the SBE Engineering Handbook, enrollment in the SBE Mentor Program, and the SBE CBT certification exam application fee to be taken later.

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