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Radio World Is Future’s B2B Publication of the Year

Parent company notes its performance in digital initiatives and evolving content

Future plc, the global platform for specialist media, announced that Radio World is the recipient of its 2020 “B2B Publication of the Year” Award.

Radio World serves radio broadcast industry professionals in the United States and globally with content about technology trends, regulation, new products and radio technical careers. 

“In a challenging year marked by tremendous disruption in the media and trade show industries, plus the impact of COVID on all businesses, Radio World, a 44-year-old brand, continues to reinvent itself and thrive, consolidating its position as the radio industry’s No. 1 technology brand,” the company stated.

Future made note of Radio World business-to-business innovation with new digital content formats, its growth in digital audience, and its recent content exploring diversity issues in radio. 

Radio World is a multiplatform brand, with print and digital editions, e-newsletters, social platforms, ebooks and webcasts. 

Among its successes in fiscal 2020:

• The webcast “Inside WTOP: A Specialty Facility Tour Webinar” took Radio World’s video camera into the gleaming new studios of America’s top-earning radio station near the nation’s capital. 

A front-page special report “Blacks Are Few in U.S. Radio Engineering” was part of a special series of stories featuring career reflections of African-American engineers with their views on their roles and opportunities.

• “Broadcasting From Home” was a four-part series of one-hour produced webcasts featuring interviews with media company technologists about how they responded to the challenge of the pandemic in their workflows.

• Radio World’s online video efforts also included a webcast about one of radio’s big technical questions, “Digital Sunrise for AM,” a spring product-based webcast “15 Things You Can’t Miss” and two autumn product webcasts “Fall Product Peeks I & II.”

• And Radio World expanded on the success of its ebooks, having now published more than 75 of them, this year including reports on trends in codec design, artificial intelligence, and virtualization and the cloud

“Radio professionals have become multimedia, multiplatform specialists,” Content Director and Editor in Chief Paul McLane said. 

“Radio World’s work has been characterized by remarkable stability and endurance, and by loyalty from both readers and clients. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in a difficult economic environment through smart initiatives, judicious investment and a roll-up-the sleeves attitude adopted by the entire team.”

“This is also an amazing time to be part of Future plc, which Radio World joined in 2018,” McLane said. “Its corporate culture and its support for innovation have been big parts of helping us not only keep Radio World relevant, but to grow it in new directions.”

The company’s annual awards were given in a virtual ceremony on Friday Nov. 6, led by Future CEO Zillah Byng-Thorne.