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Radio World Webcast Explores “Digital Sunrise for AM Radio” 

Featured interviews with managers and tech experts from Hubbard, NAB, Xperi, DRM and Bryan Broadcasting

Discussion of all-digital on the AM band has moved from the theoretical to the real with the recent announcement that the FCC tentatively plans to allow U.S. AM band stations to turn off their analog and broadcast in all-digital HD Radio.

Radio World hosted a webcast Feb. 19 to explore the potential benefits, challenges and costs of such a transition. The on-demand version is available now.

Whether you’ve been following developments closely or you are new to the idea, “Digital Sunrise for AM Radio” will help prepare attendees for what’s next. The content is intended not just for engineers, but also for owners and managers.

Editor in Chief Paul McLane interviewed Hubbard Radio’s Joel Oxley and Dave Kolesar, NAB’s David Layer, Xperi’s Mike Raide, DRM’s Ruxandra Obreja and Bryan Broadcasting’s Ben Downs. 

[Dates Set for Comments on Digital AM Proposal]

He asked: What would it cost to convert a station? What are the interference implications? What kind of user experience will listeners have? What important lessons can be learned from the only station so far to operate in all-digital full-time? What are the coverage and interference considerations that experts are exploring? How many stations might switch, and when? 

Attendees told Radio World: “Great program!” … “There was so much information on the webinar.” … “Many thanks for putting it together.” … “The information from Dave Kolesar about the coverage of all digital AM, that was impressive.” These are a few of the comments from the hundreds of people who watched RW’s latest webcast.

Learn more about the webinar and the featured speakers via the registration page.

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