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Targetspot Works With Bauer Media in Nordics

The company has ambitions to expand further in northern Europe

Conceptual map of Europe, Getty Images Sean GladwellTargetspot announced an agreement with Bauer Media Audio that it says will allow it to market inventory in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

Targetspot is part of ad technology company AudioValley, and offers audio streaming, ad serving and programmatic advertising. The company has ambitions to expand further in northern Europe.

Concurrently, Bauer Media Audio announced the launch of a digital audio ad network called Bauer Audiostream in the Nordics, promising advertisers access “to the extensive audiences of leading and loved audio brands spanning listening to connected live radio, online-only stations, and on-demand podcasts.”

Bauer said advertisers will be able to access inventory served not only by Targetspot but by podcast network Wondery. “Also included are Bauer Media Audio’s RadioPlay online service, offering much-loved radio brands including Denmark’s Radio 100, Sweden’s Mix Megapol, Finland’s Radio Nova and Norway’s Radio Norge, and Podplay, one of the largest podcast providers across the Nordics.”

In the Targetspot announcement, Eric van der Haegen, its strategic partner development director, was quoted saying, “The digital audio culture is already well established in all Nordic countries. This arrival in the countries of Northern Europe is naturally part of our strategy of promoting local partnerships.”

Bauer Media Audio is “Europe’s leading digital commercial broadcaster and audio operator.” Targetspot says the agreement allows advertisers to access its inventory including brands like Sonos, AudioBoom, and Radio France and Shoutcast radios, “more than 2 million allocations each month in the Scandinavian countries and Finland.”

AudioValley CEO Alexandre Saboundjian cited data saying 91% of the Nordic population streams music. “Nordics listen to digital music on average 3.2 hours a day. The source of musical discoveries is revealed as 36% for radio and playlists of streaming services account for 13%.”